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Miika Oksanen

Expedition report

Heat entrepreneur’s spring days 23.-24.4.2013

1. Destination

Heat entrepreneur’s spring days in Klaukkala and Helsinki

2. Expedition date


3. Way of travel

By train and taxis

4. The goal of the expedition

Goal of the trip was to gather information for the projeckt KA385

5. Program of the conference

The first day concentrates on the development of professional skills of theheat entrepreneur’s through seminars. The second days theme is the future of energy  contributions and experiences of small scale CHP production. In the midday there is an energy politic panel discussion.

6. Participation in Heat entrepreneur’s spring days 23.-24.4.2013

I participated in Heat entrepreneur’s spring days 23.-24.4, which was organized by BioenergiaRy (Bioenergy association). The event was divided into two days. First day was in course center Holma in Klaukkala. The second day was in Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center.

I began the expedition in Monday evening at 10 pm from Oulainen. I traveled with night train to Helsinki, where I arrived at 7 am. From Helsinki main train station I travelled with Taxi for half an hour to Course Center Holma in Klaukkala.

The Heat entrepreneur’s spring days began at 9.30 with coffee service. The conference was opened by HannesTuohiniitty from Bioenergia. Forenoons speakers had a clear and educational message on small scale heating of buildings. JarmoOvaskainen from PP-hot Oy told that in their company heating is managed by wood pellets. The company manufactures the pellets by themselves in their own factories. It also sells pellets. PP-hot supplies heat into several other SMEs. This kind of heat logistic sounds reasonable for a SME. The price is affordable and the company doesn’t have to concentrate on the maintenance of production machinery. The day’s second speaker was Petri Täyrönen from BioenergiaOy. They supply heat into Kuhmalahti conurbation.

Common for the speakers was modesty and healthy competitiveness. Both models may be applicated and taught in project KA385 through consultation and education.

Third speaker was Aki Pesola from Gaia Consulting Oy. He had made a survey about SMEs business opportunities in Finland, where most of the estates are heated by companies’ district heating. Different kind of small scale models were compared into each other. Mainline was that different kind of small scale entrepreneurs have their place in the field.

Next speaker was AskoPuhakka, who works as lecturer in Karelia University of applied science. His subject concentrated on acquisition law and how to apply it in the purchase of heat and related services. He spoke of different kind of obligations and opportunities of the law. This part was very educational and it can also be applied into project KA385, when presenting businesses to opportunities for energy contributions. Getting the contribution often means obligation to public acquisition through tendering.

The afternoon concentrated on building the heat network, pricing of the heat and heating plant design.

In 24.4.the heat entrepreneurs spring days continued in Helsinki Exhibition and convention center. In the midday there was energy politic part of the conference. From presentations the politicians thoughts of energy industry came clear. Risto E.J. Penttilä spoke of bioindustry’s role in Finland. He told that bioeconomy may be an economic train like Nokia. The presenter thought that big bioeconomy can be achieved through actions. For my own idea project KA385 is an action like this, which advances the growth of bioeconomy.

Middays speakers also took a stance on sustainable development in the production of bioenergy and noted that Finland has a great chance for growth in the whole of bioenergy field. For example forest biomasses may be benefited into greater extent, since Finnish forests are growing more they are consumed.

For the end of the midday was panel discussion for Members of Parliament, which concerned domestic and imported energy. The participants for the discussion were HeikkiAutto (National Coalition Party), JariLindström (True Finns), Kari Rajamäki (Social Democratic Party of Finland), Annika Saarikko (The Centre Party) and OsmoSoininvaara (The Green League). The discussion got heated with the discussion of peat in the Finnish energy production.

During the afternoon four different kind of seminars were held simultaneously. I participated into seminar heat concerning heat entrepreneurship. The first speaker was superintendentPekkaGrönlund from The Ministry of Employment and the Economy. He spoke of energy contribution and the opportunities in their usage. The presentation cleared a lot of subjects related into energy contributions. From now on I can tell the chances of the aids for improving energy efficiency from The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, while I am doing consultations for improving the company’s energy efficiency. Aid may be granted even up to 40 % of the investment price for improving energy efficiency. This kind of aid may be significant for the profitability of the investment and can motivate into doing the investment.

One speaker was real estate manager of Parma concrete company, who told about their goals and results transforming into bioenergy. Most of the companies factories have transformed into heat entrepreneur based bioenergy. Their changes have been economically profitable. In their model real estate manager looks for the proper heat industry, which invests into heat centers and heat transfer networks. The factory buys heat from heat entrepreneur, which may also do other estate related maintenance.

I traveled home after the occasion ended and I was home at 1 am.


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