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In May 20 to 24 a group of partner representatives of the international project KA-385 "Increasing t...



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A representative of the CENTRIA took part in the Heat entrepreneur's spring days in Klaukkala and H...


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On April 19, 2013 in St. Petersburg, on the basis of the St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University ...

«Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs through energy efficiency» project was initiated by KRIMEL and the partners in response to the clear need to improve the literacy and competence of SME functioning in the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and Northern Osterbothnia in the field of energy-saving, energy-efficiency and renewable-energy technologies.

Therefore, project activities are aimed at capacity building and training on energy saving technologies and applicable energy-efficient solutions as well innovation in methods and techniques of energy-saving; best practice and expertise transfer and its dissemination in order to train SMEs and the relevant professionals. The project also envisages creation of the first demonstration station in Karelia equipped with the relevant energy-saving devices to educate the entrepreneurs and SMEs and provide them with all the knowledge they need to positively modify the energy consumption.

Eventually project is expected to make significant energy costs savings for local SME possible increasing their competitiveness in the global markets, open new market opportunities in the field of renewable energy and promote the business development in the cross-border areas.

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